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What I can offer to your business :

1. Organize your business

Are you feeling lost?
Is the amount of files, photos, content everywhere, unread emails, multiple accounts and/or drives overwhelm you?
Is it simply too much for you and you’re constantly playing a catch up?
We all have to start somewhere, so let me help you…I can help you sort your admin mess out and advise and show you methods I’m using to be more organized and productive.
You can either:
  • Book a consultancy call with me and I’ll give you advise, or
  • Hire me to clean up your business and implement some useful methods for you.
Income, Expenses and Budget Tracker Spreadsheet

2. Financial Solutions

Finance is such a broad subject and it covers various layers of your business. I can help you organize your bookkeeping in a simple way (this is mainly for start-ups, solopreneurs, small businesses that haven’t got any systems in place):

  • I can help you find and implement an accounting system if and when your business is ready for it.
  • I can show you basic and simple bookkeeping so if you’re a start up or in early stages, or simply want to save money, my checklists and methods will help your business long term.
  • I can take the bookkeeping off your hands so you don’t need to worry about it.
If you’re a more established business, have bookkeeping implementation in place, I can offer you:
  • Revision of your bookkeeping – is there anything that can be done more efficiently?
  • Preparation of financial statements.
  • Financial Data Analysis.
  • UK Only – Support with Registering/Set Up Your Business with HMRC. 

3. Website design and maintenance

Although I’m very practical and finance minded person I do love the creative part of me! I think creativity is in everyone, you just need to find and explore the piece that makes your imagination work.
Whether you wish to redesign your website, create a new one or simply maintain what you currently have – give me a shout!
I can help:
  • Create a Landing/Sales Page (aka one page).
  • Create full 5 Pages Website Build and Design in WordPress or Squarespace. 
  • Manage WordPress or Squarespace Website.

All The Steps

Let me explain the whole process: :
Step 1
1. Contact Me
It all starts with You.
Reach out to me via email or book complimentary consultation call and let me know in bullet points your business worries.
Step 1
Step 2
2. Consultation Call
Join a 20min free call and chat with me about your business. Let's get to know each other and discover what are your business needs.
Step 2
Step 3
3. Proposal
All the points from our chat will be added up into a customized proposal just for you and send to you via email.
Step 3
Step 4
4. Onboarding
Once you’ve given me the thumbs up, signed my contract, agree on payment package, and completed any questionnaires with your insightful answers, you’ll get an invite to a starting call where we discuss the nitty gritty of how each task need to be completed so you know exactly what to expect from working together. You’ll share any files and access to systems I may need, and ask any last-minute questions.
Step 4
Step 5
5. Relief
Now, you just breathe, get a nice cuppa and let me help create your dream!
Step 5
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