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Hi, Eco Business Owners!

I’m Iwona, the owner of Virtually Brewed. I provide professional virtual business support and executive assistance for busy eco-conscious business owners and purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

I’m the person that LOVES lists, virtual sticky notes and checking things off her agenda. I’m a numbers nerd and a creative, tech-savvy, highly organized assistant.

I’m Polish but I’ve moved to the UK nearly 20 years ago and I’ve been the girl that did it all – from cleaning, waitressing, child minding, manufacturing (the list is long :)) to accounting . I’ve been working for over 10 years in finance, including 3 years in senior management accounting roles, and 2 years ago I’ve decided to start my entrepreneur journey.

I’ve learned I’m at my best as the person behind the scenes. I get things done and organised, I enjoy creating and I’m also a great finance teacher! I thrive when I’m making sure everything is done well and looks good.
My purpose is to support like-minded entrepreneurs in making the biggest impact possible.
I love nature, mountains and hiking and I’m passionate about sustainable living and travelling. I’m doing my best to minimize my impact on the environment in every day and every part of my life and I’m here to help you maximize your impact through virtual assistance that goes beyond the basics.

Why Me?

I help eco-minded, sustainable, ethical, purpose-driven and conscious business owners – like you! I’ll take tasks off your To-Do list so that you have more time to focus on why you started your business and to help you make the world a better place. I can guide and advise you, as well as look after your business finances.
I’ll help you grow whilst having a minimal environmental impact. I’ll always follow my top 5 qualities that I’m proud of and that are representing my business: Honesty, Accountability, Reliability, Adaptivity and Integrity.
I’m proudly part of the ethical movement, where I pledge to be honest & transparent with my sales and all of our communications. This is what The Ethical Move represents to me:
1. Being Authentic,
2. Being truthful and transparent,
3. Keeping the sustainable business route,
4. Genuinely help businesses,
5. No manipulating emotions.

Why Eco?

I work virtually paperless. All my notes and projects are mostly digital however, I like traditional pen and paper. In those cases, I search for recycled and reusable options.
No trees are being killed while I’m your VA.
I work remotely so I don’t have to commute – no carbon emissions there; and whilst I’m based in the UK, I’m only using 100% renewable energy. When I’m on the road I always try to travel by land and choose the most eco friendly transport options and accommodations.
I’m constantly learning about the programs and apps I use, as well as advances in technology in order to reduce carbon emissions from my and my clients’ systems, processes, and data stored on servers.
Did you know that an email sent releases about 3-4 grams of C02 (text base only)? Crazy-right?!

Current Location: UK

Follow my life journey here.

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